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HTML5 Publishing for 3D CAD Projects

Create, Publish and Manage Interactive 3D Documents for Online Technical Documentation.

HTML5 Powered by Share3D™

Deliver technical documents with interactive 3D using industry standard HTML5. Cross-platform, any modern browser, zero-footprint solution (no client-side install).



Modern Browsers, No Plugins

View and interact with technical documentation using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Opera on PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices.

Robust Feature Set Supports Technical Documentation Needs

Online Part Catalogs


Publish and maintain part catalogs with intuitive 3D drill-down features.

Easily drill-down to individual parts
Eliminate time-consuming ballooned views
Customize the look and interactive behavior
Reduce part identification errors with 3D

3D Instructions


Create and share 3D instructions with the shop floor, field service or end users.

Improve process learning time with 3D
Simplify page layout for your shop floor
Reduce update time when 3D CAD changes
Create 3D instructions rapidly

3D-Enabled Portals


Create and manage user portals for dealers, service representatives or customers.

Native HTML5-based 3D, no client plugins
Control access to documentation
Custom branding with CSS/HTML
Manage document hierarchy and versions

Technical Publishing Solutions for Any Project

Share3D Cloud Services

With a Share3D cloud account, the server will run on a cloud computer. Hosted on Amazon secure servers, Share3D updates are automatic and primary advantages include cost-savings and no maintenance-related worries.

Learn more about Share3D Cloud Services

Share3D On-Premise

With an On-Premise license, your Share3D based web-applications will be hosted on your own server. In this case, you have total control over your application's performance, security and content.

Learn more about Share3D On-Premise

.HTML Files and Folders

With Share3D-Ready technical publishing products, you can create .HTML files and folders that are Powered by Share3D and ready for inclusion in any website.

Learn more about Direct HTML Publishing